What You Need To Know About Blue Heron Casino

East of the beautiful little town of Port Perry,is the Blue Heron casino. This unique casino has something for everyone, regardless of the casino games which you prefer. Here you will find over 60 exciting table games, everything that you can imagine. There are over 500 of your favorite slot machines.

Blue Heron Casino is open every day, literally seven days a week. This means that regardless of the time, be it day or night, they will be open for you to come and enjoy. They have two amazing bars, which are really enjoyable and relaxing. It is always a good idea to go and enjoy a drink at the bar and take your time. There is also one very well known restaurant which makes delicious food, it is a great place to take the entire family for a meal out. They are very well known for their delicious and incredible buffet meals.

A rewards club is offered,this enables you to start earning points from the moment that you start gambling. You will also be eligible to receive exclusive benefits. The more time you spend gambling the more rewards and points you will accumulate. There is also a big jackpot that needs to be won, someone has got to win, else it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. There is no reason that the winner of this impressive jackpot could not be you.

If you enjoy playing poker or you would like to learn then now is your chance. There are plenty of exciting poker tournaments which are held at the casino. Now is your real opportunity to watch the professionals in action. These tournaments are extremely exciting and you can learn lots about the game simply by watching them. Overall the casino has over 15,000 sq. ft of casino space ensuring that there is certainly enough games to keep you entertained.